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11.11.2017 | 11:45

The twelve radio programs in the series Creative Male Ageing continue to be available as podcasts. Also available through this website are related Study Guides and other support materials to complement the podcasts.

The production team gratefully acknowledges funding assistance through the Office for the Ageing, The Government of South Australia, and to 89.7 PBA FM in Adelaide, where this lifelong learning project was produced in  2015.

To access all 12 PODCASTS and STUDY GUIDES – click here

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Tony Ryan
Producer/Presenter, Creative Male Ageing
Email learningworks@pbafm.org.au


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POSTSCRIPT – Dr John Ashfield, Project Consultant

17.12.2014 | 10:27

The PBA FM radio and podcast series: Creative Male Ageing is the first of its kind in Australia to encompass so many relevant and vitally important topics on this subject. Its real merit is not only in how it challenges conventional and highly questionable contemporary assumptions about ageing, but also in how it provides valuable insights and practicable ideas for ageing males often struggling to come to grips with a phase of life so often framed negatively.

The unique approach of the series, blending the ordinary grounded experience of men and that of expert practitioners and academics, and how it communicates so ably through a multi-platform approach, ensures the very best value for money. Through augmentative strategies of podcasts, textual commentary, discussion questions, and linked resources for further reading on a dedicated website, the series achieves both maximum user access, and educational sustainability.

The fact that the series is also being promoted by the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies, and is being taken up and promoted by an international males studies journal: New Male Studies, not only extends the reach of the series, but validates its international relevance and importance as well.

Funding of this project has provided an opportunity for the launch of a new concept in community radio broadcast value-adding, and one that provides for better utilisation of valuable resources, and the more effective transmission of vitally important, informative, and educational content.

Dr John Ashfield
Project Consultant, Creative Male Ageing

Project Consultant, Dr John Ashfield

Project Consultant, Dr John Ashfield